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Upexi drives innovation in aggregation. We accelerate Amazon and eCommerce businesses by focusing on consumer data and logistical expertise to drive our growth and reduce our costs across a variety of brands. By focusing on distribution and supply chain efficiencies, we aim to improve profit margins of acquired brands and those that we launch from scratch. Our acquisitions are focused on profitable companies that have substantial consumer databases that allow us to cross-sell existing products offered by our various brands. Our in-house SaaS advertising technology allows us to lower advertising costs while reaching more consumers and acquiring data.

Upexi has, and continues, to build big-box retailer and vendor relationships through acquisitions of promising resellers and liquidators. These acquisitions have helped lay the foundation for increased wholesale opportunities and eCommerce accounts. They have also helped expand our distribution centers throughout the continental US to California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Florida, with planned expansion into Texas, Tennessee, and more, to create an in-house 3PL service that is used for our brands and our partners.

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Valter Pinto or Jack Perkins

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Upexi, Inc.
3030 N Rocky Point Dr
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